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August 29, 2020

You decide to look for a therapist, again. It’s not like you woke up in the morning, and for the first time ever, you said: ”I need a therapist.” You have been thinking about this for a while. Some days more intensely than others. Weeks may pass as everything seems fine and therapy leaves your mind. Well, pretty much, as the thought continues to nag you in those moments of quiet alone. Then an event, an experience, a memory, a friend, a family member, or a series of these things occur, and it is front and center once again. “I should look for a therapist.” This isn’t a crisis, it’s not rock bottom. You just need a safe space with a safe person you can trust. The need originates from a feeling. Maybe one of being stuck, stressed, anxious. Maybe there is a behavior, or pattern of behaviors you want to change. Waiting for this feeling or behavior to go away is how you’ve dealt in the past. But it always seems to creep back with varying degrees of intensity, always getting in your way of total enjoyment, never fully squelched. You don’t want to ask your friends if they know of a good therapist; you’re afraid of the judgement. You don’t want to ask your family; you’re afraid of too many questions. So you go online to search. You know you can always trust google. Google will give you the answer.…… So many options, so much text, so little clarity. This feels like work, a burden. The major sites seemingly filter therapists well, but you’re not even sure what to filter or what categories are appropriate. And what the heck is CBT anyway? Do you email, do you call, do you leave a message? Will it be a good fit?

Possibly you had a therapist in the past. You may have outgrown that therapist or simply moved. Maybe it was a good fit, maybe it never felt quite right. You probably know people who see a therapist. When they talk about their therapist, their experiences seem to be hit or miss. Sometimes hugely successful, other times a complete dud. You know the people that have improved their lives with therapy, you’ve seen it firsthand, and you want a similar outcome.

Finally, you find someone that you think may work for you. You email the therapist. Maybe you go so far as to call and leave a message. There, you did it. That feels better, a relief. Until the anxiety starts to build as you await the response…. and wait …. and wait. If you’re lucky, you get a response with a time to talk and go over the basics: schedule, cost, your needs. Maybe it works and you get in for an appointment and your treatment starts. Maybe you get referred to another therapist. Or maybe you never get a call back. Regardless, you’re understandably exhausted, tired by the process, and not looking forward to searching again. MyTherapySearch was created to counteract this all too familiar experience. All therapists have heard this story, and all people seeking therapists have undergone this experience. At MyTherapySearch we strive to provide the following:

An easy to navigate website

A single source for your therapy needs

A unique filtering system

A selection of therapists that are the right match for you

Direct contact with these therapists

A response to your inquiries within 1 business day

Access to the best therapists in NYC

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